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If you decided to sell you property, there are a lot of considerations to review. How quickly do you need to sell? Are you interested and willing to hold on for the best possible sales price? Figure out your motivation be it relocation, upsizing, downsizing, financially related, location of job or school etc…. We will sit down with you and educate you on the market. What is available on the market now, what has recently sold. We will provide you with a full detailed CMA, a comparative market analysis which could best be understood as a Realtors or Brokers appraisal. Our goal is to give you a reasonable range of what we feel we can sell your property at during current market conditions and in a specific time frame. We are well aware there are people vying for your business by telling you that your property is more than its worth. Obviously it becomes enticing to a potential seller as they think of reaping more profits. In our presentation we can make you aware of how they will try to approach it they way so as to protect you. If one attempts to obtain an unreasonable price they often sit on the market longer, drop the price anyway & receive less proceeds than had they started off at the right level to begin with. We are here to protect you and your property which is also inevitably your investment. We will devise a tailor made program to sell your house as is necessary. We work for you!

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